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 Where can I buy Innegra cloth?

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Where can I buy Innegra cloth? Empty
PostSubject: Where can I buy Innegra cloth?   Where can I buy Innegra cloth? EmptySat Jun 25, 2011 11:24 am

Hi everyone, I'm in the Byron area and I have asked a few suppliers and producers where I can buy innegra cloth and I have only got basically nowhere. Suppliers generally tell me, "Ah, you don't want that stuff! ", or "there's not enough demand to warrant carrying it." I'm pretty sure things will change having seen boards made of this cloth and the impact resistance they have. This stuff is going to make deck denting a thing of the past. It is awesome. Can somebody put me on to a supplier? thanks for reading & happy surfing -Cheers -J
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Where can I buy Innegra cloth?
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